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The Peace Tree

If you take the time (and maybe you should) to visit Faial's Botanical Garden, you'll find, among the native and endemic plants, that you wont find any place else in the world, passed the traditional ...
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New arrivals: The Youth Ship

Yesterday the Swiss three mast Schooner "Salomon" sailed into port. This beautiful ship is more than 100 years old, being built in 1910 as a fishing boat, she was rebuilt in 1940 and remodeled several ...
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Out of the fire

700 thousand years ago, Faial Island arose from the sea, in which must have been gigantic volcanic eruptions that laid the black bare rock, upon which the luscious life you see now found a way ...
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Teamgeist family sailing

The beautiful X-562 "Teamgeist" won the leg from Bermuda to the Azores of the ARC Rally Europe 2017. The steady hand of experienced German skipper, Christoph Schubert, along with his wife, Uli, and their son, ...
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Classroom Ocean

The Swedish TS Gunilla is a special kind of visitor in Horta's harbor. Not only is she a beautiful 50 meter long, three mast barque, with more than 1000m2 of sail area, but she's actually a ...
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A yard above the rest

Tall Ships are a familiar sight at Horta's harbour. Yesterday arrived the beautiful three-masted clipper "Stad Amsterdam". This magnificent ship modeled after a mid-nineteenth century frigate, was built in  the year 2000, with modern techniques and ...
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