The Peace Tree

If you take the time (and maybe you should) to visit Faial’s Botanical Garden, you’ll find, among the native and endemic plants, that you wont find any place else in the world, passed the traditional agricultural varieties, by the orchid collection, a very special tree, planted a few months ago in our island. Like many of us, she moved here bringing it’s own story and meaning, adding to the complex web that Faial island actually is.

This welcome new resident is the Kaki Tree (Dyospiros kaki) that survived the Nagasaki nuclear bombing and that is being spread throughout the world by the Kaki Tree Project, as a sign of remembrance of the horrors of war, but mainly as a very powerful symbol of peace and hope for the future. The children of Faial’s schools planted it three months ago and it wasn’t more than a stick then. Now, she’s blooming beautifully with new and fresh leaves. In such complicated and dangerous days that we live in, a little bit of hope can make all the difference. Go visit and share some.

Tiago Redondo

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