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We're all migrants in Faial. The first of us arrived in the XVIth century (look for our Flemish blue eyes, that you still can find easily), afterwards, mainly from the Portuguese mainland and elsewhere. Some ...
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These walls that protect us

Even with your eye irresistibly drawn to the view of the landscape of masts, sails and hulls that usually fill the Marina, it's impossible not to notice, land side, the imposing silhouette of the fortress, ...
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New arrivals

One of the interesting things about Horta's Marina is that, everyday, ships arrive from around the Atlantic. In a morning stroll through the Marina you always find someone or something new, being some battered old ...
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Timeless ports of call

I was born on Faial Island, from the central Azores, the American whalers used to call here the “western islands”. Horta has always been a port city, sailors call for the azores since men dominated ...
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First impressions of Faial

Would I ever have travelled to Faial if I had not had a relative living in (and raving about) the island? Possibly not. But had I not, I would have missed seeing one of the ...
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