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Tradewinds on Antena Nove with special live singing guests EOS Lise and Soizic

Tune into and enjoy our show of 24 May with two gorgeous ladies with lovely voices, Lisse and Soizic ...
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An occasionally serious radio show: Azores Tradewinds at Antena Nove – 91.3FM

Listen to Azores Tradewinds radio show at Antena 9, May 10th 2018. Guest this week: Pedro Escobar, environmentalist and local guide talks about Faial's ecosystem and the problems deriving from the use of herbicides, pesticides ...
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Walking the dogs in streets without cars: Azores Tradewinds radio show – May 3rd

Azores Tradewinds Radio show with Victor Reis, from the local animal protection association, AFAMA, and Architect Tomás Melo, to discuss the creation of a pedestrian area in Porto Pim. Highlight of the show, the 6th ...
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The changing seasons

After over 25 years in the Caribbean you kind of let go the understanding of four seasons, replacing winter, spring, summer and autumn with,"bloody hot" and the hurricane season. Needless to say they do have ...
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Fair Transport and tending to the local stray cat population: Azores Tradewinds radio show has it all!

Listen to the Azores Tradewinds radio show at Antena Nove. Guests this week: Helena Krug from the local Associação Brigada Animal de Rua do Faial and Captain John, "Tres Hombres" skipper, from Fair Transport ...
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Deep-sea mining and Fado: Azores Tradewinds Radio Show – April 19th

Listen to April 19th Azores Tradewinds radio show at Antena Nove. Special guests: Margarida Mendes from Oceano Livre talks about the dangers of deep sea mining and local Fado singer, Hélia Alvernaz, shares her story ...
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