Sailing for a cause

Joel Mark, aka Captain Jex isn’t your ordinary, everyday sailor. He’s sailing for more than the will of feeling the breeze on his face or the waves beneath his feet. He is sailing for a cause.

In 2006, Joel was the first Grenadian to sail solo across the Atlantic and also the first time he visited the Azores, after his boat was damaged. Now, he is once again at Horta’s Marina, on board his 26 feet long “Ga’ Sietoe”, with his eyes set on a much bigger goal: to be the first Grenada-born to sail solo around the world, while gaining the exposure and funding to create the first sailing and navigation school in Grenada.

A well known figure for a lot of sailors of the Caribbean, he has an easy smile and a loud and frequent laughter that could be hard to understand, given the hardships and difficulties of an already long voyage, started in July 2016. His philosophy is simple: “We have to keep going. We’re moving spirits”. In his tiny boat he carries the dream of inspiring, teaching and opening a bright new horizon for the younger generations of Grenadians. You just can’t be sure if it is hope or wind that fills his sails.  You can help this dream move onward.
Tiago Redondo

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