Our Island Adventure Agency

Ourisland is a travel agency that was born out of the desire of three friends to do what they know best: to share their experiences with people from all over the globe.
Our main goal is to ensure you enjoy the islands in a special way. To achieve this, we have designed a set of programs aimed at delivering the best in quality, organisation, and fun.
Our programs consist of small groups of up to 7 people, with each group always being accompanied by the same guide. We believe this enriches our activities, by creating a familiar environment, where each participant is given special attention. We take special care to create itineraries that allow you to enjoy your stay without feeling the pressure of “rushing to see everything”.
Ourisland believes that active and cultural tourism is the best way to get to know the triangle islands: Faial, Pico and São Jorge. We offer activities such as Hiking, Trail running, Canyoning and Mountain climbing at Pico. The Azores deserve to be visited in a unique and sustainable way.

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