Nature and Environment

Here on the Azores. Farming and fishing, along with sustainable Eco tourism, make up the back bone of our economy and environmental awareness is paramount to the islands future.

Ocean plastic has also shown itself here on our coastline and coastal waters. The Azores posses very fragile and unique ecosystems that are being seriously affected by ocean pollution. With micro plastics showing up in 90% of our seabirds it is imperative we all do our part to keep plastics out of the Ocean.

While you’re here, take appropriate care of your boat’s waste. There are specialised containers in the Marina for plastic, glass, paper, fuel and waste oil. Take some time to visit the links bellow and learn more about the environmental issues facing the Azores and the world. Help out, filling in our Pollution Report Form. Get involved in saving our marine environment. 

Marine Pollution Report

Please report sightings of significant pollution and marine hazards in our Ocean. Azores Tradewinds will push for its removal. if possible, and will share the collected data with Azores University marine pollution research projects.

Please try to be as accurate as you can

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