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Azores Tradewinds offers the passing yachtsman and tourist the chance to order products or services in advance of their arrival. We do this through our extensive range of local producers, retailers and contractors. Azores Tradewinds  will have your ships provisions, parts, technical services  or supplies waiting for you dockside. Just provide us with your ETA, preferred system of communication, (Vhf, cell phone, or email) and tells us what you need. We’ll get it for you. 

Should you have questions about Faial or any of the nine islands. Using our local knowledge and contacts, we can advise on everything form birthing your yacht to buying a house, or just where to get unrefrigerated eggs and local seasonal supplies. We are here to help.

Thank you for contacting us. We value your opinions or  information and look forward to your comments, both negative and positive, as we constantly strive to improve our services. 

Azores Tradewinds

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