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Sean Paton
When you ask people about the Azores they often respond with, ” what where is that? Unless that is you are talking to a yachtsmen who will know the islands well both historically and in the present day as a heaven for vessels crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
Steeped in history this nine island archipelago are known for their beauty and charm. It is the aim of this website to show what is hidden in the folds of this society that can give the passing yachtsmen and tourist the full benefit of their stay. Also residents who have come to retire reside and be part of that wonderful culture found on these jewels of the Atlantic.
Based in Horta Faial the website deals primarily with this island Faial.
By way of my own introduction you may like to read the story about Sean Paton. A seaman and now resident of the island who founded this site. 

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2 days ago


There has to be a better way. We can't just dump animals like trash. Maybe a helpline for people who can't deal with their animal anymore. There has to be a better way than this! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago


Come get it, please!OWNER FOUND!
I am pleased to say the owner has already turned up and taken him home! Thanks to everyone for caring and sharing!

Proprietários de cavalos do Faial! Este é o seu cavalo? Se assim for, por favor, venha e pegue-o. Ele foi amarrado em uma corda muito curta desde a noite passada. O GNR foi notificado. Enviar messagem para sitio.

Faial horse owners! Is this your horse? If so, please come and get him. He has been tethered on a very short cord since last night. The GNR have been notified. Send a message for the location.
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